How does a cellular network work?

How does a cellular network work?

Cellular networks can also be denoted as a mobile network. They are specially designed for cells, the lands are of hexagonal areas and have a minimum one tower of transceiver cells within the area. And use various frequencies radio. These are connected and to switches of telephone etc. Check out for the best mobile network india. 


 Many subscribers can use the frequencies of the mobile network at the same time. Handset devices and tower sites manipulate frequencies so that the service can be transmitted through a low power transmitter with minimum possible interference.

3G, 4G, and 5G networks

There has been an evolution of mobile network series from a generation, each represents the improvement of the network in technologies from the past generation. Mobile networks introduced the first two generations which is the analog voice (1G) and later digital voice (2G). This generation had supported by introducing the data connection 3G and allows to use the internet. Later 4G data connection had been upgraded to make the network faster and able to access quickly by providing a better bandwidth for the users. Check out for the best mobile network india. 

Now the recent network is the 5G network which had given an assurance of faster and better accessibility of the internet, and also by providing a larger bandwidth compared to the 4G network while making the low interference in other wireless devices nearby. The frequency range of 4G is less than 6GHz. The new 5G network uses the wavelength shorter and with high frequencies. Due to this the frequency make a bandwidth higher and make signals to be directional and reducing interference 

Mobile network types

The technology that mobile service provider varies, and technology in the mobile are made for the region and intended carrier. The technology which is used mainly in mobile is (GSM) and ( CDMA). Which had Owned by Qualcomm? GSM Mobile doesn’t support on CDMA network, Long Term Evolution (LTE) is of GSM based and provides the fastest network capacity speed. 

GSM vs CDMA mobile network

Quality of the call, speed of the network all depends on several factors. The server, location, and equipment of the user all play a role. Both GSM and CDMA do not have a quality difference but the way it works makes some differences. GSM is user-friendly as it is easy to store data in SIM and it can be removed as stored information whenever it is required. On the other hand in CDMA take only specific carriers based on the list, not in SIM card and only approved customer are allowed to use the network.


Nowadays the backbone of telecommunications is mobile networks which created a wide range of opportunities to use and access the internet for smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Check out for the best mobile network india. The high-speed wireless networks made the possible replacement of other wired networks.


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